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Surety Bonds When You Need Them

A seasoned surety manager once advised me, "Surety bonds are tools for negotiation". He was right. Surety is a natural tool for the practice of law.

Law firms need a reliable agent when needs for surety bonds arise. It does not occur every day. But when you do need a bond, you quickly realize why it is important to have an excellent agent on call. Surety is a specialty field.

Executive Bond Services is your safety line. We write surety bonds exclusively, and have intimate knowledge of the field.

Surety is a niche area of the insurance field, and it cannot be written simply by completing an application. The agent must have the necessary surety knowledge and experience. Local insurance agents are befuddled when a surety submission crosses their desks; we welcome the opportunity to assist you.

A major issue that attorneys face is that surety bonds are needed quickly. We have the expertise to underwrite bonds in the necessary time-frame, often within 24 hours. We have written them within hours; it depends upon your needs. We also avail ourselves to you after standard business hours when surety issues may develop.

Put our 20 years of experience to work for you. There are many legal practices that require surety bonds. Creative lawyers have recognized additional uses for surety bonds that assist them in cementing agreements and resolving their cases. This occurs because surety bonds are tools for negotiation.

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